Since 1993

Professionally Rebuilt

With over 40+ years experience you can always rely on Finch Alternator & Starter Rebuilders to provide you with top quality workmanship. Our facility has all the right tools for the job so you never have to worry about your alternator after you leave.


What We Do

Finch Alternator & Starter Rebuilders offers a wide range of services. We rebuild any alternator, starter, generator, or battery for anything you might need. Whether it's for a car, truck, boat, or even industrial we can fix it. Need help installing it? We can help with that too. We will even take exchanges for your old alternators, starters, and batteries. As Houston's Top Rated Rebuilders for any auto eletrical need you know you are choosing the best! Come by any time, we are always here to help

Quality Workmanship and Dedication

Here at Finch Alternator & Starter Rebuilders we take our work seriously. We offer a quality that is rarely seen today. That true workmanship that you grew up with and the dedication you deserve for your parts.

We've been in the business a long time and we know what it's like to have to deal with a failing starter, alternator that doesn't charger anymore, a noisy generator, or even a dead battery. We also know how important it is to get it fixed and fixed the right way. Thats why we pride ourselves on our services because we love rebuilding and we have been for a long time. So the next time you get that grinding starter, or that alternator thats just doesn't cut it anymore, Finch Alternator & Starter Rebuilders has you covered. Bring it by and let us take care of you.